Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Na Na Na Na...Na Na Na Na...Hey Hey Hey... Good Bye.

For me, the beginning of my 2nd year of teaching has been about trying to find balance.  I knew that the first year would be really hectic, and that school would pretty much dominate my life.  I was okay with that.  But I was convinced that the reason that my house was always a mess, the reason that my personal relationships suffered, was because I wasn't good enough.  I just needed to work a little harder, get up a little earlier, find more energy from somewhere deep inside me.  But now that I'm trying to reclaim my life, I am starting to realize that I cannot do everything. 

I know, what a shock! 

I tried to do too much last year.  I know that now.  So I've been trying to find things that I can cut from my life.  And, unfortunately, this blog is one of them.  I started this blog because I felt like I had something to share.  I loved cooking, and I loved trying new things and sharing them.  I still love trying new things in the kitchen, but I no longer have the time to be in the kitchen AND write about it.  I have a hard enough time making it into the kitchen!  So I've decided to put this blog to rest for now.  I'll leave it up for reference and posterity, but future food-related posts will be featured on my regular blog.  I absolutely loved creating foods that were innovative and sharing them with others.  I especially loved when other people would compliment my blog and tell me that they tried my recipe.  I found that very fulfilling, and I hope to one day have the time to do it again!