Friday, August 03, 2007

Tonight I used my crock pot to make dinner. I love my crock pot, but I don't use it as much in the summer because of the heat it generates. I know I could set it on the washer in the garage, but that's way too much work. Anyhoo, tonight's dinner was beef pot roast with Yukon gold potatoes and a can of French onion soup poured over it all. I've used cream of mushroom and chicken soups before, but I was bored of that, and the can of French onion soup had been sitting in my pantry for a long time, waiting to be used. It turned out very well, the soup tenderized the meat and gave it a nice flavor. A taste test a few hours in revealed that the dish was a little bland, but some celery salt fixed that.

We also had pretzel rolls from the Yalaha Bakery, one of Mike's favorite, and some sauteed green beans from the freezer. By the way, if you like the Yalaha Bakery as much as we do, go here and vote for them for WESH Channel 2 news' A-list contest. They're up against some big bakeries in Orlando, so they need lots of votes. Everything I've ever had there has been absolutely delicious, and they deserve to be named the best bakery in Central Florida!


Anonymous said...

The pretzel rolls look delicious!

We love Yalaha Bakery. It's a shame it is such a far ride for us.

I wish we had a good bakery in our area.

P.S. The pot roast looks good too.

Floridacracker said...

We do pot roasts in the crockpot frequently and I always dump in some wine for richness.
Yours looks good and the fruit pizza in the previous post is beautiful.