Monday, May 19, 2008

German-Style Lentil Soup

Today I made dinner for the first time in a week. I feel like I should be making that confession while standing up at an AA-type meeting. I have never spent that amount of time out of the kitchen, but when a mystery illness knocks you on your back, what choice do ya have? I gotta tell ya, though, hearing Mike bang around in my kitchen and not getting up to supervise was quite possibly the hardest part of being sick.

Anyhoo, for my first meal since re-joining the living, I decided to try a new recipe: German-Style Lentil Soup. I've been wanting to give lentils a try - they're economical and healthy, both of which I'm always looking for. This recipe called my name because anything German is usually okay in Mike's book. It features two of his favorite ingredients - kielbasa and potatoes, so I figured a little bit of lentil in there wouldn't bother him.

I bought the ingredients right before I got sick, and my still-addled mind assumed that I still had all the ingredients. I was wrong. We had no onions, no celery, and not enough chicken broth...oh well! I didn't have enough energy to think of something else to make, so I gave it my best shot. I re-hydrated some dried onions, skipped the celery, watered down the broth, and hoped for the best.

Sorry for the sloppy picture! This meal still wasn't quite up to par - Mike had to pick up some bread on the way home, and for a side I just threw on some baby carrots and cherries. Usually I would, er, plan ahead (what a concept!) to make some homemade bread and cook a veggie, but that's okay, I'll start slow. All in all, the soup came out pretty good. I think next time I will try beef broth (not watered down!) Mike helped himself to seconds and asked if he could have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow, so I guess he enjoyed it! I enjoyed the good feeling I get from watching him eat a meal he likes....I didn't realize how much I missed that!

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