Monday, March 10, 2008

Fresh is Best

This meal was the perfect example of how fresh, locally grown foods are so much better and satisfying. The meatloaf came from the freezer (last time I made meatloaf I froze some extra), but the potatoes, corn, and sugar snap peas came from a produce stand that recently opened that is committed to supporting local farmers when possible. Just look at that corn! It was like candy. I chose to cut mine off the cob (I started liking it this way when I had braces as a teenager), but Mike prefers to gnaw his right off. We've also been enjoying the sugar snap peas in stir-fry! The mashed potatoes were perfect, which I was happy about, since my last attempt did not go so well (scroll down to beef stew).

1 comment:

Dee said...

Is that the farm market by Yalaha Bakery?

One of these weekends we need to give it a try and also get some lunch at Yalaha Bakery! Their pastries are awesome.