Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

After my last fat-ridden use of my ice cream freezer, I wanted to try something a little lighter. I tried this recipe, using the first of the strawberries from this season.

Here they are after macerating in a half sugar-half Splenda mixture and some clear vodka. Let me tell ya, it was hard to stop myself from snatching berries from the bowl at this point!

The finished product. It is delicious, but it turned out very hard. I was lazy and just eyeballed how much yogurt to put in, and I think that was my mistake. Still, it was sweet and slightly tart and very good. I may try this with other berries, and next time I think I will use all Splenda (I was afraid Splenda would not macerate the berries) and try bourbon as the alcohol. Strawberries and bourbon are like peas and carrots!

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