Friday, March 28, 2008

Spice-Rubbed Grilled Tuna with Short-Grain Brown Rice

I'm catching up on a backlog of pictures, so bear with me here. Last week, my mom and I went to Orlando for stitching day. Dee, Lynn, and Debbie were also there, and after stitching at Needle Orts, we all went for lunch. We all had a very nice time, and once Dee told me there was Fresh Market near where we were, I pretty much dragged my mom there! I miss the high-end grocery stores of Gainesville. Not that I shopped there all the time, but there's some stuff that I just can't get anywhere else. Like decent fish. Take this sushi-grade tuna, rubbed with spices according to the butcher's recommendation (another thing I miss - competent butchers!) The spice rub consisted of equal parts:

-brown sugar
-blackening seasoning

I actually made the blackening seasoning out of this recipe from, but I halved the amount of salt called for. Look at how the filet came off the grill in a heart shape:

Sophie faithfully guarded the fish while I finished up the short-grain brown rice (another Fresh Market buy!) and steamed broccoli:

The finished product. The seasoning was great - had a little kick, which paired nicely with the mild meaty-ness of the fish. Ahhhhh...a delicious, healthy meal - there's nothing better!

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