Sunday, November 05, 2006

Zesty Grilled Ham

Yes that's right folks, this is the first meal I have cooked this week. Sad, I know. I've done things like pasta for myself when Mike was gone over dinnertime, but this is the first real meal. I got a ham at an excellent price at Winn-Dixie the other day (I've been hoping they would go on sale for months!) so I have a freezer full of spiral ham. I decided to use some of it tonight by making Zesty Grilled Ham, one of Mike's favorites. I also made mashed potatoes (another perennial favorite), steamed broccoli, and to top it all off, a fruit salad of bananas, apples, and strawberries.
The verdict
While this is a very easy recipe to make, it's the only thing I use my George Foreman Grill for. I remember seeing George Foreman's smiling face on the tv, promoting these things as being able to cook just about anything (and they come with a bun warmer - gasp!). I think every college kid in the nation got one for Christmas that year, myself included. It did come in pretty handy for my dorm days, but I usually find it's just not worth it to drag that thing out when I could:
a) have Mike grill it for real, or
b) do it on the stovetop just as well.
I do wish I had that one that has removable plates, though, because that thing is a pain to wash. Anyhoo, the ham was delicious as always, but I think I'm so out of practice from not cooking this week that I made way too much food! My fruit is waiting in the fridge to be polished off later tonight. Mike gobbled everything down, though. I give this meal 4 and a half stars for taste and 4 stars for health,

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