Monday, May 21, 2007

Bourbon-Glazed Ham

I managed to clear off enough space on the dining room table for us to eat on it, so we had our first REAL dinner in our new house tonight! It was so nice to have a homemade meal. On my trip to Kentucky, my family visited the Jim Bean distillery, and my mom bought a cookbook featuring bourbon recipes. I decided to try this bourbon-glazed ham tonight, with mashed potatoes and a spinach salad. I used a chive-cream cheese dip I bought that I didn't really like for fresh veggies to make the potatoes, and the bourbon glaze features honey, orange juice, molasses, Dijon mustard, and of course, a healthy dose of Jim!

The verdict
Mike loves anything involving ham, and he said he liked the glaze. I served the remaining glaze on the table, and he enjoyed brushing that on. He said he could make an awesome sandwich, thanks to Jim! The mashed potatoes were good, although not as fluffy as I usually like them to be. I give this meal 4 out of 5 stars for taste and 3 stars for health.

I also thought you might enjoy looking at some food pictures from my recent vacation to Kentucky. We went to a place called Lily's Paradise Cafe , the kind of irreverent place you can only find in a non-chain. This restaurant was also featured on Oprah, because she thinks they have the best macaroni and cheese in the world.Very interesting decor!

The legs on the wall were a little creepy...

I had the pecan-crusted chicken with a cream sauce on top. Quite tasty. I never did figure out what the thingy-do on top of the chicken was, though. Of course, I HAD to try the mac and cheese. It was good, but I say, Oprah, forget the mac and cheese, try the lima beans! They were the best I've ever had. I hardly ever make lima beans because they take longer than most vegetables, but I should make them more often, because it's one of the few veggies Mike and I can agree on.

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