Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fall is Coming!

We're finally getting a little relief from the heat here in Florida (and by that I mean temperatures in the low 90s) thanks mostly to frequent rainshowers. Right now we're getting the steady soaking we need! Anyhoo, I've actually been doing a fair amount of cooking this week. Here's our dinner from Sunday:

Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings with green beans. This is a great "comfort food" type of dish, and I'm glad we can start eating warm dishes again. Plus it's much easier to make this dish in the Crock Pot than the original recipe.

Next, a new recipe. My mom cleaned out her magazine collection and gave me an entire stack of Taste of Home magazines, and I've had fun going through them. It's interesting to see how food has changed since the mid-90s; it used to be all about "low-fat," now it's all high fiber. I noticed that they also discontinued their bread machine recipe section. This is one of the many recipes I clipped: Sausage Swiss Muffins, which were very easy to make. The recipe called for shredded swiss, but it was so darn expensive I got sliced and cut it into tiny pieces. I don't think it turned out quite as well as it would have with shredded cheese. I think next time I will try shredded cheddar. Mike said the muffins tasted like my mom's traditional Christmas sausage balls.

Next, another new recipe, PB&J Spirals, which I made for lunch yesterday. These were tasty, but not so much more tasty than regular pb&j to justify the extra fat you get from crescent rolls. At least I used reduced-fat crescents.

Next up, yet another new recipe, Banana Oat Breakfast Cookies. These turned out really well for having no oil or butter in them. They have peanut butter, banana, oats, honey, and raisins in them, and they'll be great for breakfast. I stuck half of them in the freezer so we can enjoy them later.

Last up, a new chili recipe: Cowpoke Chili! I decided to try it because the Lima beans in it looked interesting. It also has a few tablespoons of sugar in it, which I was wary about at first, but it enhanced the flavor of everything else. I definitely plan on making this recipe again. I even have enough for another meal! Bread bowls, anyone?

Oh, and we had biscuits because I forgot I am now keeping my cornmeal in the freezer. So much for cornbread! I brushed them with garlic butter, so they turned out well, even if they weren't typical chili fare.

I just realized I'm on the computer in a thunderstorm. See ya!


Thunder Dave said...

Wow, some excellent looking recipes! I think Lightnin' and I are going to give a couple of them a try. Sorry, I was taken away from blogging there for awhile, but I'm back!

Anonymous said...

OMG! In the Cat Days of Fall post Thunder mentioned that my Dad was ill! Guess what? Gall Bladder! I may be traveling to Missouri to be with him for the surgery! What a coincidence! My thoughts are with you!

Anonymous said...

Okay Now you KNOW I'm retarded! I thought that you replied to the other post and it was my own FATHER!!! Guess not such a coincidence after all, huh? Sorry to sound so stupid, I just need to slow down a little bit! But happy to know that you don't have to have your gall bladder out too! LOL!