Thursday, September 06, 2007

Here we have tonight's dinner. And Mike. Please excuse the funny look he has on his face - he doesn't usually have two chins.

We had beef tacos, and I cooked enough beef to make chili later. Unfortunately, that's the only thing I planned WELL about this meal. This week has really fried my brain. So when I went grocery shopping today, I knew I was going to make tacos, but I forgot to get taco shells. No problem, Mike can pick some up on the way home from work. Then we're putting everything on the table, and I say, "what am I forgetting?"...and then I realize that I also forgot to buy cheese. AUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!! I had an Italian blend, so we had Mexican/Italian food tonight. It works.


Anonymous said...

This has happened our house too many times and we always just improvise like you did! Sometimes these turn out to be better meals than originally planned. Thunder will probably be posting pictures of him and some buddies frying 65 pounds of chicken tonight for a rehearsal dinner so check in over the weekend.

Jacki said...

Yeah, I'm all for improvising, but this was more like being unprepared, which I'm NOT all for. My brain was elsewhere! Looking forward to seeing the chicken...although it would be better if I was there to taste test!