Saturday, September 08, 2007

I've heard talk that Thunder Dave will be frying 65 pounds of chicken this weekend. Makes me want to go to Ohio and invite myself to a rehearsal dinner :) While I also cooked chicken this weekend, it wasn't nearly as exciting - just baked chicken strips for a simple Saturday lunch. I marinated the chicken overnight in Italian dressing, then today Mike crushed some Rice Krispies cereal and rolled the chicken in the crumbs. The point of marinating the chicken was to add some more flavor and hopefully eliminate the need for butter, but I have to say that without the butter, the breading didn't stay on nearly as well. But hey, it was still good!

We also had some homemade french fries and a fruit salad with a simple lime dressing. Tasty.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately we forgot the camera Friday night!!! Bummer! But chicken turned out great anyway. Tonight I am making a spanish paella recipe that was in the weekend magazine of our Sunday paper. We will take some photos and I'll let you know how it turns out!