Saturday, June 24, 2006

Chicken Meatloaf

I was TIRED after visiting camp today, so I just pulled some ground chicken out of the freezer and threw in an egg and some breadcrumbs for a meatloaf. I also wanted to use the rolls I had bought at the Yalaha Bakery while my mom and I were house-scouting in the Leesburg area Thursday. I used lima beans from the freezer to round out the no-thought-required meal.
The verdict
I had never thought to use anything other than ground beef for a meatloaf, but my friend Sherri made one with turkey on Sunday, and Mike and I both thought it was quite good. This chicken meatloaf was good as well, and I plan on adding it to my recipe rotation as a healthier alternative to beef. The rolls were delicious! I'd heard good things about it, but I'd never been to it before Thursday. The architecture and decor were very German, and I understood why after I took a look at the menu (which featured things like stollen, roggenvollkornbrot, and frankenlaib). Mom and I split a chocolate cheesecake tart at the bakery, and it was to die for. If Mike's grandmother (who came from Germany as a teen) ever comes to visit once we move to the area, we have to take her there! I give this meal 4 stars for taste, because I wish I had used the rolls earlier and I want to tweak the meatloaf recipe more, and 5 stars for health. Hopefully I'll figure out this camera soon so the pictures will come out better.