Sunday, June 10, 2007

We got back from our vacation in Reno early this morning, and I wanted to show you the two dinners I cooked in our unit. After we got in on the first day, we went to the grocery store. The challenge was to buy ingredients to make two meals while having as little waste as possible. I decided to make chili one night and pizza the other night. That meant I could buy one jar of tomato sauce to use for both. I also got some mozzarella cheese to top the chili with and use up on the pizza. I made the pizza Hawaiian by buying a small can of pineapple and some lunchmeat, which doubled up to make sandwiches. I also got some stuff to make a salad with for both nights.

I was glad to have a kitchen in our unit. As good as the food was in Reno, it was nice to have something familiar those two nights.

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Dee said...

Both meals look good! I love pineapple on pizza.

Glad the muffin recipe worked for you. I think you could use just about ANY flavor yogurt, but blueberry. I don't think that dead blue would make for an appetizing look.