Saturday, July 21, 2007

A New Recipe - Black Bean and Rice Burgers

Last night I decided to try something daring - a meal with no meat in it! With Mike that is a daring move indeed. I cut this recipe out of a Taste of Home magazine several weeks ago, and just now worked up the courage to try it. And guess what...he liked it! He even ate the rest of mine when I got full! It was a joyous occasion indeed.

Now that I got all that sarcasm out of my system, here's the specifics: I decided not to make them "burgers," per say, but instead used whole grain mini pita pockets so they would be sandwiches. To me, a burger has to have beef in it, but a sandwich can have anything in it. I was glad I used the pita bread rather than hamburger buns, because the patties didn't stay together incredibly well. Next time I make this recipe (there WILL be a next time!) I'm going to use a more bold cheese than American, like maybe a sharp cheddar. Another new recipe that's a keeper! Yes!!

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