Friday, July 13, 2007

Tonight we had a date night, so I decided to make a simple meal that also happens to be Mike's favorites: homemade pizza, featuring my homemade no-rise pizza crust. I tried a new cheese blend from Sargento; smoked provolone with asiago and mozzarella cheese. I also got a turkey kielbasa to try later, and decided to brown half of one and top the pizza with it. I did a simple side of cherries, strawberries, and blueberries. The pizza turned out okay; it was a little too smoky-tasting for me, between the kielbasa and provolone.

I tried a new recipe yesterday with the local blueberries I bought. After debating over my recipe book, I decided on the Blueberry Breakfast Bars recipe I found over at Farmgirl Fare. They have an oatmeal crust, blueberry center, and streusel-like topping.

They were very good straight from the oven, but since they've cooled off I've decided that I could probably cut the amount of butter in half and still enjoy them. I mean, shiny stuff seeps out when you press down on one. I ended up taking just the blueberry middle part and topping it with a little vanilla ice cream tonight during movie night, and it was delicious.

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