Thursday, July 19, 2007

Yesterday we had a simple favorite: beef tacos. When we have tacos, I like to put out as many toppings as we have in between us and let each of us build our own. We're both kind of picky (SOME of us more than others...ahem...), so this works best for us. This time we had beef along with sour cream (for me), onions (for Mike), homemade salsa, and refried beans (for both of us).

We also had a green salad to go with the tacos. We tried two new types of salad dressing - I've been getting bored with plain 'ole ranch, and I've been trying to find something not cream-based. I picked a Caesar vinaigrette with Parmesan cheese and a Greek dressing with feta cheese from the wall of salad dressings at Wal-Mart. I never realized there are so many types of salad dressing out there - I've always just gone straight for the ranch. We liked both of them.

I also tried a new recipe - Blueberry Pound Cake, which I found on GardenWeb's Recipe Exchange Board.

Fresh out of the oven, still in the bundt cake pan, which hardly ever sees any action. A bundt cake pan is one of those things you hardly ever use, but really need once in awhile.

This was some good cake! The blueberries didn't all sink to the bottom, and it tasted GREAT still warm from the oven. Tonight I'm going to try it cold with a little vanilla icing on top.

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