Friday, July 27, 2007

New Recipe - Pizza Pancakes

Tonight we had a great Friday night dinner. I got this recipe from a Quick Cooking recipe book and have been meaning to try it for several weeks. The recipe calls for an all-purpose baking mix (like Bisquick), and when a recipe calls for that item, I usually use my homemade pancake mix, but I thought it would be too sweet for this recipe. I would have used Bisquick if I'd had any, but I didn't, so I looked up a Bisquick copycat recipe online, and we were cookin'. In addition to pepperoni, I browned some sweet turkey sausage by Jennie-O and added that. I also used Penzey's pizza seasoning instead of italian seasoning. Paired with some homemade tomato sauce and a fruit salad of cameo apples, strawberries, and green grapes, we had a tasty dinner. This recipe is definitely a keeper! I figured it would be, since it combines two of our favorite foods: pizza and pancakes!

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Dee said...

They look good. That's a combination I would not have thought would go good together -- pizza and pancakes.

May have to try this one.