Thursday, April 05, 2007

Barnyard Cake!

I saw the guide to this cake in Taste of Home and had to try it! We had a lifegroup meeting tonight, and we also celebrated our friend Scott's birthday, so it was the perfect excuse to make it.

The chicks are devil's food cake, white icing tinted yellow with a petal-tip, a candy corn beak and chocolate chip eyes. They were my personal favorite :)

These little piggies were devil's food cake with white icing tinted pink, Good N' Plenty ears, and Smarites for the nose. The nose dots were supposed to be made with black decorating gel, and I *thought* I had some, but apparently I don't, but I had some black icing. Not quite as pretty, but it worked.

Now for the adorable little sun! The rays are candy corn, and the eyes and smile are decorating gel (I had those colors!)

The barn was yellow cake, with white icing tinted red (turned out more pinkish) and blue. The barn was outlined with chocolate chips, and there's supposed to be a spider in the loft, but again, no black decorating gel. I decided not to stress about it. The barn is okay, but I think the animals are SO cute! They took a while, but I needed the release. And I'm quite proud of my first attempt at cake decorating tips!

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Anonymous said...

Very cute!!