Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sophie's Birthday Cake!

Today we celebrated Sophie's birthday - she's three years old! We think. To celebrate, I made her this super-easy birthday cake. I think she knew it was for her, because she wouldn't get out of the kitchen. Her cake was made with flour (I used whole wheat), peanut butter, and shredded carrots, and for the cake I used neufchatel cheese, some milk, and a little flour. I purchased some cake decorating tips for a cake I'm planning on making later this week (stay tuned!), so I practiced making letters and some flowers with the icing.

Right out of the oven!

The finished product!

Sophie waiting not-so-patiently for us to sing to her. Maybe that was a little over the top...

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Sophie!

Your cake looks great!