Monday, September 11, 2006

Such a good hubby...

No, I didn't make Such a Good Hubby Casserole for dinner. This morning I woke up with a cold, so Mike made dinner. Hence the title. He made bean burritos, plus some extra for freezing, and a salad. He did such a good job! Check out that presentation! How many stars can I give? Ten? Twenty? How about I rate my husband instead? I give Mike Infinity Stars for sweetness and coolness!


Anonymous said...

The salad and burrito looks delicious!

A man that cooks ...that IS pretty cool!

P.S. I've got one of those too. Although he doesn't have much time these days. :-(

Kat said...

Is there a Such a Good Hubby Casserole...thought would be pretty cool. I agree a man that cooks is a good thing to have around, though mine has barely had time to eat lately much less cook! Keep up the good work Jacki! Love ya!