Monday, January 01, 2007

Crock Pot Cornish Game Hen

My fellow blogger Kat got me in the mood to try a turkey breast in the Crock Pot. However, I only thought I had one in the freezer. I did have a Cornish Game Hen, though, so I decided to take her basic suggestions and make that instead. I sprayed the defrosted hen with butter-flavored spray, then sprinkled it liberally with Penzey's Fox Point Seasoning. That went into my new Crock Pot, with some sliced garlic and 10 or so of my turkey broth cubes. I had bought some more purple potatoes from the Fresh Market, so I decided to make mashed potatoes, along with a mixture of steamed green beans and white shoepeg corn. The bread is a beer bread from our neighbor Christy. I love her because whenever I, er, accidently leave a dish at her apartment, she always returns it with something tasty on it.

The verdict
The hen was excellent; it was so tender that the meat fell right off the bone. I think this will quickly become my preferred way of making Cornish Game Hen. The potatoes didn't turn out great; I added the sour cream before it was truly warm, like you're supposed to, and that must have been the reason they turned a little gloppy. Christy's beer bread tasted different from my recipe, it almost tasted like it has cornmeal in it. It was good with some Canadian honey on top. I give this meal 3 stars for taste and 3 and a half stars health. I decided to try to make some broth out of the hen, as my turkey broth supply is getting low. I love getting as much as possible from a meal!

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