Monday, April 07, 2008

Fresh Berry Tarts

I tore this recipe out of my Penzey's catalog a long time ago - long enough ago that I don't remember exactly when and the recipe isn't on their website anymore. The berry harvest was incredibly disappointing last year, so if I did have this recipe last year, I didn't get to use it. This year, however, the strawberries have hit the stores just how I like them - cheap and sweet - so I decided to give this recipe a try. It features a crust that is similar to sugar cookie dough, and although it is a bit complicated, the result was so pretty and elegant that it was worth it:

The recipe calls for rolling out the dough and cutting it with a biscuit cutter, but the only thing I had was a wide-mouthed jar, which I believe was not quite as wide. But that worked out perfectly, because about halfway through baking them I realized that I could use my mini-muffin pans rather than the standard-size the recipe calls for, which made things go a LOT faster. You can see in the picture below the size difference:

Like I said, this recipe took some time to make: you have to mix and chill the dough, then roll it out and cut the circles of dough, drop the circles into the pan, top with the filling (cream cheese-based), bake, arrange the berries on top, make the berry topping, and drizzle that on top...whew! However, no part of the directions is incredibly complicated, and you can work on one part of the recipe while you're waiting for other parts to chill or bake. I used mostly strawberries for the top, because that's what I had fresh. The other berries are from the frozen medley that I mentioned in my last post, and as you can see they look fresh.

These tarts were SO good! I plan on making more for a get-together we're hosting Thursday. I recommend making these the day before you plan serving them, because they get even better when they sit in the fridge overnight!

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