Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Meal of Sin

We tend to eat pretty healthy, but sometimes, you just gotta live. When Mike's mom brought us some Creamy White potatoes from Hastings, which have a somewhat legendary status in his family, I knew that this was one of his times. We decided to make REAL french fries - none of that baked-in-the-oven junk. And since we were already on the slippery slope, we decided to have hamburgers, too! Awwwwwwww yeah!

Mike set up the oil and basket for frying and set to work.

Tell me that doesn't make your mouth water!
I decided to try to offset our bad-ness a little with some broccoli. Really it was just to alleviate our guilt a little.

Fresh out of the oil....[drool]

We thoroughly enjoyed our Meal of Sin, but we had three furry children right under our noses the whole time:

Sophie caught mid-chew enjoying a french fry. This facial expression slays me!

Hoping daddy will share the wealth, too.

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phyl said...

We're going to have to clean our screen now since we have been licking it!! :) That all looked so yummy!!
Mom & Dad