Monday, February 04, 2008

Ah, the Super Bowl...

The only time I blog during the show and watch the commercials. In honor of the occasion, Mike made some ribs on the Big Green Egg.

Ready to go on the Egg!

So beautiful I just had to share a close-up!

What you don't see is Sophie just out of the camera frame trying her best to practice her telekinesis skills.

These were GOOD! Easily the best ribs I've ever had.

Pork, Full Slab
Pre-Cooking Rub: Kosher Salt, Penzey's Brown Sugar
Cooking (3-2-1 method): 3 hours over indirect heat at 250 degrees (with drip pan underneath). Then 2 hours wrapped in foil with beer and BBQ sauce over direct heat, still at 250. Then, 1/2 hour out of the foil and 1/2 hour basted in sauce.

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Mike said...

Just to make a slight correction. All parts of the cooking process were over indirect heat. Also, the Pre-Cook rub included Kosher Salt, a red/black pepper mix from Penzey's and Brown Sugur (not Brown Sugar from Penzey's). But they were GOOD!