Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I've been trying to take steps towards a simpler life, and the steps are manifesting themselves mostly in the way I eat. So Friday night, when I had to leave early for class, I decided to pack myself food instead of picking something up on my break:

Peanut butter, 5-grain Triscuits, an apple (brushed with lime juice to keep it from browning), a Laughing Cow cheese wedge (garlic and herb), and peach yogurt. To drink, fresh squeezed orange juice and water. Oh, and that MIGHT be a piece of Ghiradelli chocolate behind the peanut butter. Maybe. No comment. I didn't even have to buy a soda from the machine! Not only did I save money, it was much healthier than anything I could have gotten on the road. Maybe I'll bring my lunch when I have class on Saturday. There's at least one other person in my class who brings food in favor of going out, so maybe this will be a chance to make a new friend as well!

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Carrie said...

We've been trying to simplify and have found that's it's mostly manifesting in the way we eat as well.
It's so funny, what you took for lunch is pretty similar to what I take almost every day. :)