Thursday, February 28, 2008

New New New!!

Last week I inadvertently made a meal with not one, but TWO new foods. The biggest one was quinoa - I've been reading up on the health benefits of the grain and decided to start working on convincing Mike to let me try making it.

You should know that last time I made a new side dish, it was couscous and I didn't tell him that it was made from pasta and he was a little mad at me. But he was a good sport and gave it a shot. N0t only that, he also tried the edamame I made...I had to wipe away a few tears of joy...

The quinoa and edamame together with pork tenderloin (red ribs crock pot recipe). The quinoa was prepared fairly plain - I cooked it in chicken broth and seasoned with salt and pepper with a little butter on top. It had a slightly nutty taste. I plan on trying some more interesting if you have any, please share :) The edamame was delish, although I think next time I buy it I'll get the shelled variety. The experience of putting the fuzzy pods in my mouth to get to the yummy soybeans was a little unnecessary to me. After the end of this meal, I felt very nutritionally satisfied, but I swear the quinoa expanded in my stomach, because I kept feeling fuller and fuller until I was afraid I might explode!

Here's to expanding our nutritional horizons!

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