Friday, October 13, 2006

Bake Sale/Grandaddy's Installment

I volunteered to make goodies for the Alachua County Bake Sale, and I decided to send Grandaddy some things at the same time. First up, pumpkin cookies! My mom tried this recipe a few weeks ago, and I thought it would be perfect for a fall bake sale.

The recipe makes a HUGE batch, and half of them had pecans and raisins, and the other half had white chocolate chips and craisins. After I mixed it all together, I realized that I couldn't taste test my cookies, because I don't like white chocolate or pecans! It's probably just as well, though! I wrapped them up in red plastic wrap with the recipe printed on the back of the tag, unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of that :) The raisins came from a supermarket in town that makes them locally, and they're delicious, so I'm sure these will be a hit.

Although I know the cookies will sell well, I doubt the next thing I made will last very long either! I made at stab at making chocolate covered pretzel rods, and I think they turned out pretty well. If anything, they sure turned out pretty! Mike seemed to enjoy the one that broke very much, plus he gets to eat the almost full bag of pretzels I had left over! He said they looked like something you'd buy at a candy shop, and I think they turned out pretty well, too.

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