Thursday, July 27, 2006

Cheeseburger in Paradise: A Jimmy Buffet Themed Meal

Disclaimer: unless you are familiar with Jimmy Buffet's music, this post will probably not make sense to you!

I felt that Mike and I needed a break from the monotony of studying, studying, and more studying, so we gave up trying to amend our carnivorous habits and had a Jimmy Buffet themed meal! First, we have the obvious: a cheeseburger with french-fried potatoes. For our greener pastures, we have steamed broccoli, and a frozen concoction (to help us hang on), blackberry-citrus margaritas. For dessert, a sensuous treat: leftover cherry pie for Mike and chocolate cake for me.

The verdict

This meal was so much fun! The burgers were heaven on earth with an onion slice! If I get any more good theme ideas, I'll try those too (I'm open to suggestions!) I give this meal 5 coconuts for taste, 3 and a half shark fins for health, and 5 sons of a sailor for creativity. Until next time, Mike and I will just be two Parrotheads trying to reason with hurricane season...

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Dee said...

My goodness! That drink looks yummy ....we'll be needing plenty of those to finish out hurricane season.