Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Desserts for lifegroup
Our church small group met tonight, and I got to make the desserts. I love when they let me do it! I decided to make another cherry pie, using the same recipe as last time, but this time I used sweet cherries instead of black. I also cooked all of the cherries instead of just a portion of them, because Mike and I decided that it might be better this way. I used a lemon cookie crust and I thought it went very nicely with the cherry flavor.
The Oreo Cookie Cake turned out GREAT! The cherry pie was good, but this cake really took the, er, cake. It really reminded of a big oreo cookie. I was worried about this cake falling apart because the filling is very thick, but it turned out to be very sturdy. Everyone was scrambling for seconds!
We had dinner at lifegroup, and Danielle made two delicious lasagnas. I had never had a spinach lasagna before, but it was pretty darn good. Of course, with Mike not eating pasta, I'm glad to get any type of lasagna! Everyone seemed to really like the desserts!

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Anonymous said...

how do you cut the oreo cake