Sunday, July 16, 2006

Garlic-Lime Chicken

Tonight I tried a recipe I've been meaning to make for a long time. I got the Garlic-Lime Chicken recipe from the Saving Dinner newsletter, which is put out by the wonderful people at The Dollar Stretcher. I also made mashed potatoes and a spinach salad. After dinner, Mike and I went to Blockbuster to rent Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan (go ahead, call us dorks, we don't care!) and when we got back I made a smoothie from fresh pineapple and mango, frozen blueberries, and orange juice.

The verdict

The chicken was very good, but very strong! I ended up scraping most of the spices off and was very satisfied, but Mike seemed to like it the way it was. I'm always happy when I find a flavorful way to make boneless, skinless chicken breasts. The smoothie was awesome! I've made smoothies before, but I could never seem to make them quite as good as the ones they charge you four bucks for at those hippie places. The pineapple and mango that went into it were good to begin with; Mike told me at Sam's today that the secret to picking a good pineapple is to get one with a small top, and apparently he was right, because this was one darn good smoothie! I give this meal 4 stars for taste and 3 and a half stars for health.