Thursday, July 06, 2006

Grilled Beef Packets

Tonight I took a hint from Mike's Eagle Scouting days and made meat packets for the grill. I chopped an underblade chuck roast and wrapped it in two layers of foil with red potatoes, carrots, and onion. Mike threw this on the grill while I made a green salad. Then I realized we have so much fresh, pretty fruit in the house, I decided we were going to have a fruit salad as well.

The verdict

Although grilling doesn't compare to doing these in a campfire, they were pretty darn good. I forgot I bought this meat for using in the Crock Pot (read: it was cheap). The juices from the veggies helped with the toughness of the beef, though. The fruit salad was very good, I love when fruit comes into season and gets cheap! I give this meal 3 and a half stars for taste and 4 and a half stars for health.