Saturday, July 08, 2006


Today we had one of my mom's classic recipes. I remember looking forward to stromboli as a child. I don't make it exactly the way she made it though, I've made several changes in an attempt to make it healthier. First, I use a recipe for half whole-wheat half white pizza dough. Then I wrapped the pepperoni in a paper towl and microwaved them for 15 seconds - I couldn't believe how much grease was absorbed! To round out the meal we have a green salad.

The verdict

This meal is always good! I liked the crust, it has just enough whole wheat flour to lend a nutty flavor and take the edge off your guilt for consuming so much cheese! I hardly ever put ground beef in my stromboli because I hate browning it on the stove, but I decided to try doing it in the microwave - and it worked! So much easier! I give this meal 4 and a half stars for taste and 3 and a half stars for health.