Thursday, July 06, 2006

Grandaddy's July "Installment"

Every month I send a box of baked goods to Mike's grandfather, who lives in Valdosta, Georgia. He looks forward to what he calls his "installment" every month almost as much as I enjoy baking for him. He is the coolest 80-year old I know, and has been very intentional about welcoming me into his family. Anywho, this month Grandaddy got two types of muffins. The bottom one is something of my own creation: black cherry cinnamon muffins. I adapted the recipe from a strawberry muffin recipe, and I must say they turned out quite tasty. I'm really enjoying baking with these cherries! The top is a muffin version of my grandmother's banana bread recipe. He called me this evening and told me that he approves :-)